It is very soft and of blue color. It is made of non woven synthetic material suitable for particularly heavy use (packing of heavy objects), it is free of mechanical memory - suitable for steam, gas and formaldehyde. It has great durability, it is cannot be torn and is hydrophobic. It is porous and has a strong barrier against bacteria and strong resistance to liquids.
It allows the entry of steam, ethylene oxide and gamma radiation.  It meets international standards and bears a CE mark. It is manufactured according to ISO 11607-1 EN 868.

It can keep a product sterilized for a maximum duration of 6 months.


Available in the following dimensions:

→50cm Χ 50cm package: 500 pcs/box

→75cm Χ 75cm  package: 500 pcs/box

→100cm Χ 100cm  package 250 pcs/box

→100cm Χ 140cm  packageΣυσκευασία: 250 pcs/box

→120cm Χ 120cm  package: 250 pcs/box

→130cm Χ 150cm package: 125 pcs/box


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