Reels suitable for steam and ethylene oxide sterilisation. They bear indicators at the side of the film.

  • Manufactured from heat sealable PET/PP film, 3 side sealed with a ribbed pattern to medical grade paper incorporating Steam and ETO indicators.
  • Paper Type: Medical Grade 70 g/m2, high resistant, open without fibrils
  • Film Type: Medical Grade 52-54 g/m2, colored multilayer (4 layers)
  • Wet strength treated virgin medical grade paper that meets or exceeds medical pouch standards.
  • Provide breathability, sterile barrier, and indication of processing
  • Suitable for packaging extra long products or creating individual pouches of special length.
  • According to BS EN ISO 11607-1, EN 868

 Available in dimensions:

→ 75mm x 200m

Packaging: 8 pcs / box

→ 100mm x 200m

Packing: 6 pcs / box

→ 150mm x 200m

Packaging: 4 pcs / box

→ 200mm x 200m

Packaging: 2 pcs / box

→ 250mm x 200m

Packaging: 2 pcs / box

→ 300mm x 200m

Packaging: 2 pcs / box

→ 400mm x 200m

Packing: 1 piece / box


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